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Rate-Distortion Control Method for Distributed Video Coding System
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Rate-Distortion Control Method for Distributed Video Coding System
Moon, Hak-Soo; Lee, Chang-Woo;
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In the distributed video coding (DVC) system, the difference between the side information and the original Wyner-Ziv frame is corrected using channel codes and the additional parity bits are requested through feedback channel if the error is not corrected. The efficient bit rate control is important to use the DVC system in the band-limited channel, such as mobile communication environments. In this paper, the constant bit rate control method in the encoder of the DVC system is proposed. The coding performance as well as the bit rate is efficiently controlled by the proposed method.
Distributed video coding system;feedback channel;Wyner-Ziv frame;quantization parameter;constant rate control;
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HD-SDI 비디오 신호 전송을 위한 광 비디오 전송 장치 개발,이동렬;

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