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Efficient VLSI Architecture for Lifting-Based 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform Filter
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 Title & Authors
Efficient VLSI Architecture for Lifting-Based 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform Filter
Park, Taegu; Park, Taegeun;
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In this research, we proposed an efficient VLSI architecture of the lifting-based 2D DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) filter with 100% hardware utilization. The (9,7) filter structure has been applied and extendable to the filter length. We proposed a new block-based scheduling that computes the DWT for the lower levels on an "as-early-as-possible" basis, which means that the calculation for the lower level will start as soon as the data is ready. Since the proposed 2D DWT computes the outputs of all levels by one row-based scan, the intermediate results for other resolution levels should be kept in storage such as the Data Format Converter (DFC) and the Delay Control Unit (DCU) until they are used. When the size of input image is and m is the filter length, the required storage for the proposed architecture is about 2mN. Since the proposed architecture processes the 2D DWT in horizontal and vertical directions at the same time with 4 input data, the total period for 2D DWT is .
lifting-based DWT;VLSI architecture;2D DWT;data scheduling;
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