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Multi Scale Tone Mapping Model Using Visual Brightness Functions for HDR Image Compression
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Multi Scale Tone Mapping Model Using Visual Brightness Functions for HDR Image Compression
Kwon, Hyuk-Ju; Lee, Sung-Hak; Chae, Seok-Min; Sohng, Kyu-Ik;
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HDR (high dynamic range) tone mapping algorithms are used in image processing that reduces the dynamic range of an image to be displayed on LDR (low dynamic range) devices properly. The retinex is one of the tone mapping algorithms to provide dynamic range compression, color constancy, and color rendition. It has been developed through multi-scale methods and luminance-based methods. Retinex algorithms still have drawbacks such as the emphasized noise and desaturation. In this paper, we propose a multi scale tone mapping algorithm for enhancement of contrast, saturation, and noise of HDR rendered images based on visual brightness functions. In the proposed algorithm, HSV color space has been used for preserving the hue and saturation of images. And the algorithm includes the estimation of minimum and maximum luminance level and a visual gamma function for the variation of viewing conditions. And subjective and objective evaluations show that proposed algorithm is better than existing algorithms. The proposed algorithm is expected to image quality enhancement in some fields that require a improvement of the dynamic range due to the changes in the viewing condition.
Tone Mapping;Retinex;HDR;HSV Color Space;Brightness Function;
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히스토그램 변형을 이용한 HDR 영상 렌더링을 위한 인지기반 톤 맵핑 기법,김원균;하창우;정제창;

한국통신학회논문지, 2013. vol.38A. 11, pp.919-927 crossref(new window)
특이값 분해와 영상 피라미드를 이용한 대비 향상 알고리듬,하창우;최창렬;정제창;

한국통신학회논문지, 2013. vol.38A. 11, pp.928-937 crossref(new window)
국방용 감시카메라를 위한 적응적 영상화질 개선 알고리즘,신승호;박연선;김용성;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39C. 1, pp.28-35 crossref(new window)
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