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A Cell Selection Technique Considering MIMO Precoding
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A Cell Selection Technique Considering MIMO Precoding
Kim, Han Seong; Hong, Tae Howan; Cho, Yong Soo;
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In the CS/CB(Coordinated Scheduling/Beamforming) scheme, the cell edge user throughput is increased by selecting MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) precoders which can minimize the interferences from adjacent base stations (BSs). However, in current LTE(Long Term Evolution) systems, the serving cell is selected in the initialization stage by using the synchronization signals and cell specific reference signals transmitted by adjacent BSs with a single antenna. The selected BS in the initialization stage may not be the best one since the MIMO precoding gain has not been considered in the cell selection stage. In this paper, a new cell selection technique is proposed for LTE systems with MIMO precoder by taking into account the effect of the precoder in the initialization stage. The proposed technique enables a user equipment (UE) in the cell boundary to select the serving BS by using the information (channel rank, effective channel capacity, and effective SINR(Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio)) acquired from cell specific reference signals of candidate BSs. It is verified by computer simulation that the proposed technique can increase the channel capacity significantly in the multi-cell environments, compared with the conventional CS/CB scheme.
Cell Search;CS/CB;MIMO Precoding;Channel Capacity;LTE;
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