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A Novel Narrow Width BOC Correlation Function for BOC Signal Tracking
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A Novel Narrow Width BOC Correlation Function for BOC Signal Tracking
Lee, Youngseok; Yoon, Seokho;
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In this paper, we propose an unambiguous binary offset carrier (BOC) correlation function with narrow main-peak width for BOC code tracking. Specifically, we first separate a subcarrier pulse into two rectangular pulses, obtain the associated partial correlations, and re-combine the partial correlations to yield the unambiguous correlation function with narrow main-peak width. From numerical results, it is demonstrated that the proposed correlation function provides a significant performance improvement over the conventional correlation functions.
binary offset carrier (BOC);code tracking;tracking error standard deviation (TESD);
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E-Navigation을 위한 합성 이진 옵셋 반송파 신호에 알맞은 주변 첨두 제거 기법,채근홍;이성로;윤석호;

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