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A Design Secure QR-Login User Authentication Protocol and Assurance Methods for the Safety of Critical Data Using Smart Device
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 Title & Authors
A Design Secure QR-Login User Authentication Protocol and Assurance Methods for the Safety of Critical Data Using Smart Device
Lee, Jae-Sik; You, Han-Na; Cho, Chang-Hyun; Jun, Moon-Seog;
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Our PC have been under constant threat of malicious codes and viruses today. As many new ways of cyber attacks are being developed, such as zero-day-attack, nobody's PC is guaranteed to be safe from the attacks. In case where a user uses the existing verification protocol on a unsecured PC, the user's verification information may well be threatened by sniffing or man-in-the-middle attack. Especially, deadly attacks like memory hacking would give hard time for users to even recognize any symptom of virus infection. Therefore, this paper designs secured QR-Login user verification protocol for smart devices that are ready to communicate with QR-Code and proposes a way to keep critical data safe when using the internet. This way, user would be able to safeguard his/her critical data even when under attack by unknown attacks and safely carry out extremely sensitive task, like financial trading, on the device.
QR-Code;Login;Authentication;Smart Device;Multi-Factor;Multi-Channel;
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