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Aeronautical Link Availability Analysis for the Multi-Platform Image & Intelligence Common Data Link
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Aeronautical Link Availability Analysis for the Multi-Platform Image & Intelligence Common Data Link
Ryu, Young-Jae; Ryu, Jung-Hun; Pak, Ui-Young;
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Multi-Platform Image and Intelligence Common data link(MPI-CDL) systems are designed to transmit the imaginary and signal intelligence data at an aeronautical to ground line of sight(LOS) link. This paper proposes a method to predict a link availability and analyzes the required link margin to satisfy a given link availability for MPI-CDL systems. To estimate a link availability the proposed method applies the conditional probability so that both a rain attenuation and a multipath fading are considered simultaneously. Link margins to meet the link availability for MPI-CDL systems are calculated according to an operating environment including frequencies, flight altitudes and transmission ranges. The required link margins for actual unmanned air vehicle systems are also given by simulation results.
Multi-Platform Image and Intelligence Common Data Link;Aeronautical Communication;Link Availability;Link Margin;
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안테나 당 전력 제한 조건을 갖는 다중-입력 단일-출력 브로드캐스트 채널에서의 저복잡도 제로포싱 프리코더 설계,박홍석;장진영;전상운;채혁진;차현수;김동현;김동구;

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