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Intra Mode Coding using Candidate Mode Table in HEVC
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Intra Mode Coding using Candidate Mode Table in HEVC
Choi, Jung-Ah; Ho, Yo-Sung;
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In this paper, we propose a new intra mode coding method using the candidate mode table. In the conventional HEVC, if the predicted most probable mode (MPM) is not same with the current prediction mode, the current prediction mode is encoded using the fixed length code (FLC). However, since a large number of modes are used in HEVC, the codeword length of FLC gets longer. In this paper, we generate the candidate mode table from neighboring blocks and encode the obtained intra mode index using Golomb-Rice code instead of FLC, when the predicted MPM is not identical to the current mode. From the experiment, we verified that the proposed method reduces the BD-rate by 0.5% on average, compared to the HEVC intra mode coding method.
HEVC;context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding;Intra coding;
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영상 압축센싱을 위한 블록기반 변환영역 측정 부호화,;;;;박영현;전병우;

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