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Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer Based on LDPC Code for the Phase Noise Suppression and Performance Improvement
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 Title & Authors
Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer Based on LDPC Code for the Phase Noise Suppression and Performance Improvement
Kim, Do-Hoon; Ryu, Heung-Gyoon;
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In this paper, we propose an adaptive DFE (Decision Feedback Equalizer) based on LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) code for phase noise suppression and performance improvement. The proposed equalizer in this paper is applied for wireless repeater system. So as to meet ever increasing requirements on higher wireless access data rate and better quality of service (QoS), the wireless repeater system has been studied. The echo channel and RF impairments such as phase noise produce performance degradation. In order to remove echo channel and phase noise, we suggest a novel adaptive DFE equalizer based on LDPC code. The proposed equalizer helps to compensate RF impairments and improve the performance significantly better than used independently. In addition, proposed equalizer has less iteration number of LDPC code. So, the proposed equalizer system has low complexity.
LDPC code;Decision feedback equalizer;Phase noise;Echo channel;
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다중 채널 부호를 이용한 FTN 전송 시스템,강동훈;김하은;윤정일;임형수;오왕록;

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