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Priority MAC based on Multi-parameters for IEEE 802.15.7 VLC in Non-saturation Environments
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 Title & Authors
Priority MAC based on Multi-parameters for IEEE 802.15.7 VLC in Non-saturation Environments
Huynh, Vu Van; Le, Le Nam-Tuan; Jang, Yeong-Min;
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Priority MAC is an important issue in every communication system when we consider differentiated service applications. In this paper, we propose a mechanism to support priority MAC based on multi-parameters for IEEE 802.15.7 visible light communication (VLC). By using three parameters such as number of backoff times (NB), backoff exponent (BE) and contention window (CW), we provide priority for multi-level differentiated service applications. We consider beacon-enabled VLC personal area network (VPAN) mode with slotted version for random access algorithm in this paper. Based on a discrete-time Markov chain, we analyze the performance of proposed mechanism under non-saturation environments. By building a Markov chain model for multi-parameters, this paper presents the throughput and transmission delay time for VLC system. Numerical results show that we can apply three parameters to control the priority for VLC MAC protocol.
Visible Light Communication (VLC);Priority MAC;and Markov chain;
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