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Improved An RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol Based on Hash Function
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 Title & Authors
Improved An RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol Based on Hash Function
Shin, Ju-Seok; Oh, Se-Jin; Jeong, Cheol-Ho; Chung, Kyung-Ho; Ahn, Kwang-Seon;
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In 2010, Jeon-Kim proposed HMAP(Hash-based Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID Environment) to resolve a variety of problem related to security using Mutual authentication scheme, the hash function and secret key is used to update in RFID system. Jeon-Kim proved RMAP was safe for a variety of attacks including eavesdropping attacks through safety analysis. However, unlike the claims of the proposed protocol is vulnerable to next session of the secret key exposure due to eavesdropping. In this paper, we analyze the problem of RMAP and proves it through security analysis. And we also propose improved an RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol based on Hash Function to solve problems of HMAP.
RFID;Authentication;Protocol;Hash Function;Security;
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환자의 프라이버시 보호와 불법 접근 차단을 위한 RFID 기반 UHISRL 설계,이병관;정은희;

한국산업정보학회논문지, 2014. vol.19. 3, pp.57-66 crossref(new window)
저비용 RFID 인증을 위한 PUF 기반 암호화 프로세서와 상호 인증 프로토콜 설계,최원석;김성수;김용환;윤태진;안광선;한기준;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39B. 12, pp.831-841 crossref(new window)
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