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OFDM Frequency Offset Estimation Schemes Robust to the Non-Gaussian Noise
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OFDM Frequency Offset Estimation Schemes Robust to the Non-Gaussian Noise
Park, Jong-Hun; Yu, Chang-Ha; Yoon, Seok-Ho;
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In this paper, we propose robust estimators for the frequency offset of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in non-Gaussian noise environments. We first propose a maximum-likelihood (ML) estimator in non-Gaussian noise modeled as a complex isotropic Cauchy process, and then, we present a simpler suboptimal estimator based on the ML estimator. From numerical results, it is demonstrated that the proposed estimators not only outperform the conventional estimators, but also have a robustness in non-Gaussian noise environments.
OFDM;Non-Gaussian Noise;
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비정규 잡음 환경에서 협력 무선인지 네트워크를 위한 순서 기반 스펙트럼 센싱 기법,조형원;이영포;윤석호;배석능;이광억;

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