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Dynamic Downlink Resource Management of Femtocells Using Power Control in OFDMA Networks
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Dynamic Downlink Resource Management of Femtocells Using Power Control in OFDMA Networks
Lee, Sang-Tae; Ahn, Chun-Soo; Shin, Ji-Tae;
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Femtocells as home base station for indoor coverage extension and wideband data service, have been studied with significant interests. When femtocell is deployed, the existing cell structural of changes causes various technical problems. In this paper, we investigate the femto-macro cell interference mitigation in OFDMA system. We propose dynamic downlink resource management scheme which adjust the transmitted power of femtocell according to the strength of received macrocell signal and allocates subcarrier to femtocells in a dynamic manner. In this way, the interference between the macrocell users and femtocells is reduced. The simulation results show that proposed scheme enhances both macrocell and femtocell throughputs.
Femtocell;Interference Management;OFDMA;Power Control;
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이종 셀룰러 망에서 계층 간 간섭완화를 위한 인지 빔형성 기법,서주열;박승영;

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