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Experimental Research on Radar and ESM Measurement Fusion Technique Using Probabilistic Data Association for Cooperative Target Tracking
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 Title & Authors
Experimental Research on Radar and ESM Measurement Fusion Technique Using Probabilistic Data Association for Cooperative Target Tracking
Lee, Sae-Woom; Kim, Eun-Chan; Jung, Hyo-Young; Kim, Gi-Sung; Kim, Ki-Seon;
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Target processing mechanisms are necessary to collect target information, real-time data fusion, and tactical environment recognition for cooperative engagement ability. Among these mechanisms, the target tracking starts from predicting state of speed, acceleration, and location by using sensors' measurements. However, it can be a problem to give the reliability because the measurements have a certain uncertainty. Thus, a technique which uses multiple sensors is needed to detect the target and increase the reliability. Also, data fusion technique is necessary to process the data which is provided from heterogeneous sensors for target tracking. In this paper, a target tracking algorithm is proposed based on probabilistic data association(PDA) by fusing radar and ESM sensor measurements. The radar sensor's azimuth and range measurements and the ESM sensor's bearing-only measurement are associated by the measurement fusion method. After gating associated measurements, state estimation of the target is performed by PDA filter. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm provides improved estimation under linear and circular target motions.
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협동교전능력을 위한 자료융합 구조와 비선형 통계적 트랙 융합 기법,정효영;변재욱;이새움;김기성;김기선;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39C. 1, pp.17-27 crossref(new window)
소형무장헬기 사격통제시스템의 구조를 고려한 공통 무장 인터페이스 모듈 설계,이동호;박한준;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39C. 11, pp.1088-1093 crossref(new window)
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