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Joint Base Station and Relay Precoder Design with Relay Local Channel State Information for Multi-relay Aided Multi-user All-MIMO System
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 Title & Authors
Joint Base Station and Relay Precoder Design with Relay Local Channel State Information for Multi-relay Aided Multi-user All-MIMO System
Cho, Young-Min; Jang, Seung-Jun; Kim, Dong-Ku;
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In this paper, we propose a joint base station(BS) and relay precoders design in multi-relay aided multi-user all-multiple-input multiple-output(MIMO) system. The design criterion is to minimize user sum mean square error(SMSE) with relay sum power constraint(RSPC) where only local channel state information(CSI)s are available at relays. Local CSI at a relay is defined as the CSI of the channel which the relay itself accesses, out of among all the 1st hop and the 2nd hop channel in the system. With BS precoder structure which is concatenated with block diagonalization(BD) precoder, each relay can determine its own precoder using only local CSI. Proposed scheme is based on sequential iteration of two stages; stage 1 determines BS precoder and relay precoders jointly with SMSE duality, and stage 2 determines user receivers. Proposed scheme can be demonstrated theoretically to be always converge. We verify that proposed scheme outperforms simple amplify-and-forward(SAF), MMSE relay, and proposed schemes in [1] in terms of both SMSE and sum-rate performances.
MIMO;relay;SMSE;precoder design;duality;
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