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Super-Resolution Algorithm by Motion Estimation with Sub-Pixel Accuracy using 6-Tap FIR Filter
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 Title & Authors
Super-Resolution Algorithm by Motion Estimation with Sub-Pixel Accuracy using 6-Tap FIR Filter
Kwon, Soon-Chan; Yoo, Ji-Sang;
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In this paper, we propose a new super-resolution algorithm that uses successive frames by applying the block matching motion estimation algorithm. Usually, single frame super-resolution algorithms are based on probability or discrete wavelet transform (DWT) approach to extract high-frequency components of the input image, but only limited information is available for these algorithms. To solve this problem, various multiple-frame based super-resolution algorithms are proposed. The accuracy of registration between frames is a very important factor for the good performance of an algorithm. We therefore propose an algorithm using 6-Tap FIR filter to increase the accuracy of the image registration with sub-pixel unit. Proposed algorithm shows better performance than other conventional interpolation based algorithms such as nearest neighborhood, bi-linear and bi-cubic methods and results in about the same image quality as DWT based super-resolution algorithm.
Super-Resolution;6-Tap FIR Filter;Sub-pixel;
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움직임 벡터의 정규화 및 에지의 패턴 분석을 이용한 복수 영상 기반 초해상도 영상 생성 기법,권순찬;유지상;

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