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Performance Analysis of Telemetering Method using Delayed Frame Time Diversity (DFTD) and Reed-Solomon Code
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 Title & Authors
Performance Analysis of Telemetering Method using Delayed Frame Time Diversity (DFTD) and Reed-Solomon Code
Koh, Kwang-Ryul; Kim, Whan-Woo;
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In this paper, the performance analysis of telemetering method using delayed frame time diversity (DFTD) as the outer code and Reed-Solomon (RS) code as the inner code is described. DFTD is used to transmit a real-time frame together with a time-delayed frame which was saved in the memory during a defined period. The RS code as a kind of FEC (forward error correction) is serially concatenated with DFTD. This method was applied to the design of telemetry units that have been used for flight tests in a communication environment with deep fading. The data of the flight test for four cases with no applied code, with DFTD only, with the RS code only, and with both DFTD and the RS code are used to analyze the performance. The simulation for time-delay suggests the possibility that all frame errors can be removed. And the results of 12 flight tests show the performance superiority of this new method to compare with the RS code only.
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가역적 데이터 은닉 시스템에서 RS 부호를 사용한 이미지 공간상관 관계 향상을 위한 전송 기법,김태수;장민호;김성환;

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