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Finite Soft Decision Data Combining for Decoding of Product Codes With Convolutional Codes as Horizontal Codes
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 Title & Authors
Finite Soft Decision Data Combining for Decoding of Product Codes With Convolutional Codes as Horizontal Codes
Yang, Pil-Woong; Park, Ho-Sung; Hong, Seok-Beom; Jun, Bo-Hwan; No, Jong-Seon; Shin, Dong-Joon;
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In this paper, we propose feasible combining rules for a decoding scheme of product codes to apply finite soft decision. Since the decoding scheme of product codes are based on complex tanh calculation with infinite soft decision, it requires high decoding complexity and is hard to practically implement. Thus, simple methods to construct look-up tables for finite soft decision are derived by analyzing the operations of the scheme. Moreover, we focus on using convolutional codes, which is popular for easy application of finite soft decision, as the horizontal codes of product codes so that the proposed decoding scheme can be properly implemented. Numerical results show that the performance of the product codes with convolutional codes using 4-bit soft decision approaches to that of same codes using infinite soft decision.
channel coding;convolutional codes;product codes;soft decision data;Viterbi algorithm;
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