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Soft Detection using QR Decomposition for Coded MIMO System
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 Title & Authors
Soft Detection using QR Decomposition for Coded MIMO System
Zhang, Meixiang; Kim, Soo-Young;
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Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) transmission is now considered as one of essential techniques enabling high rate data transmissions in wireless communication systems. In addition, severe channel impairments in wireless systems should be compensated by using highly efficient forward error correction (FEC) codes. Turbo codes or low density parity check (LDPC) codes, using iterative decoding with soft decision detection information (SDDI), are the most common examples. The excellent performance of these codes should be conditioned on accurate estimation of SDDI from the MIMO detection process. In this paper, we propose a soft MIMO detection scheme using QR decomposition of channel matrices as an efficient means to provide accurate SDDI to the iterative decoder. The proposed method employed a two sequential soft MIMO detection process in order to reduce computational complexity. Compared to the soft ZF method calculating the direct inverse of the channel matrix, the complexity of the proposed method can be further reduced as the number of antennas is increased, without any performance degradation.
Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO);soft decision detection;turbo codes;ZF;QR;
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