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A Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Dynamic Spectrum Decision Methods for Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Network
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A Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Dynamic Spectrum Decision Methods for Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Network
Kim, Nam-Sun;
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Spectrum sensing and spectrum decision are the main functions that cognitive radios (CRs) have to perform in order to get the best available spectrum band for the establishment of a wireless communication. These problems are worsened in the presence of users with different demands and spectrum channels with different properties in a heterogeneous network. The primary objective in this work is to design and simulate a new spectrum decision algorithm for heterogeneous cognitive radio system. To this end, first, we consider all cognitive users are separated into different traffic classes according to their Quality of Service (QoS). The cognitive users within one traffic class perform spectrum sensing in centralized group-based cooperative spectrum sensing system and the users of different traffic classes share the sensing results. Second, we propose a novel use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to optimally select available bands according to user requirements and detected spectrum channel characteristics (SCC). In this paper, utility function is used as spectrum decision algorithm. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method shows can effectively select the best available spectrum channels with a low complexity.
Cognitive Radio;Spectrum Decision;Heterogeneous Network;AHP;
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해양 인지 무선 네트워크에서 협력적 센싱 기법의 성능 평가,남유진;이윤동;이성로;정민아;소재우;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39C. 11, pp.1192-1200 crossref(new window)
인지 무선 네트워크 내 분산 협력 대역 검출을 위한 문턱값 최적화 방법,김낙균;변윤식;

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