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A Fast and Accurate Face Detection and Tracking Method by using Depth Information
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A Fast and Accurate Face Detection and Tracking Method by using Depth Information
Bae, Yun-Jin; Choi, Hyun-Jun; Seo, Young-Ho; Kim, Dong-Wook;
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This paper proposes a fast face detection and tracking method which uses depth images as well as RGB images. It consists of the face detection procedure and the face tracking procedure. The face detection method basically uses an existing method, Adaboost, but it reduces the size of the search area by using the depth image. The proposed face tracking method uses a template matching technique and incorporates an early-termination scheme to reduce the execution time further. The results from implementing and experimenting the proposed methods showed that the proposed face detection method takes only about 39% of the execution time of the existing method. The proposed tracking method takes only 2.48ms per frame with resolution. For the exactness, the proposed detection method showed a little lower in detection ratio but in the error ratio, which is for the cases when a detected one as a face is not really a face, the proposed method showed only about 38% of that of the previous method. The proposed face tracking method turned out to have a trade-off relationship between the execution time and the exactness. In all the cases except a special one, the tracking error ratio is as low as about 1%. Therefore, we expect the proposed face detection and tracking methods can be used individually or in combined for many applications that need fast execution and exact detection or tracking.
Adaboost algorithm;Haar-like Feature;face tracking;face detection;depth information;depth camera;
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깊이 정보를 이용한 템플릿 매칭 기반의 고속 얼굴 추적 방법,김우열;서영호;김동욱;

방송공학회논문지, 2013. vol.18. 3, pp.349-361 crossref(new window)
선박의 안전운항을 위한 깊이정보 기반의 졸음 감지 시스템,하준;양원재;최현준;

해양환경안전학회지, 2014. vol.20. 5, pp.564-570 crossref(new window)
능동적 윤곽 모델과 색상 기반 파티클 필터를 결합한 얼굴 추적,김진율;정재기;

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