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Layer Selective Cooperation Using Superposition Coding for Reduction of Expected Distortion
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Layer Selective Cooperation Using Superposition Coding for Reduction of Expected Distortion
Wang, Jin-Soo; Park, Jin-Bae; Kim, Yun-Hee;
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This paper considers a cooperative communication system with a single relay node, where two-layer superposition coding and successive decoding is employed to reduce the expected distortion of a Gaussian source delivered. For the system, we propose a relay scheme which forwards an appropriate relay signal at the relay node, based on the local decoding result of layers and the decoding result of layers at the destination node fed back to the relay node. In the scheme, the relay signal is designed not only by applying decode-and-forward but also by applying amplify-and-forward to reduce the outage probability in final decoding of each layer. The performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated numerically in terms of the expected distortion at various relay locations using outage probabilities derived. The results show that the proposed scheme outperforms the conventional schemes in most cases of the relay location and the gain gets larger when the relay node is closer to the source node in particular.
중첩 부호;협력 릴레이 전송;평균 왜곡;아웃티지 확률;복호-후-전달;증폭-후-전달;
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웨이브렛 계수의 비트율-왜곡 최적화 기반 블록 부호화를 이용하는 임베디드 영상 압축 방법,양창모;정광수;

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