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Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle based Self-locomotion Network for Tracking Targets in Group Mobility
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 Title & Authors
Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle based Self-locomotion Network for Tracking Targets in Group Mobility
Tham, Nguyen Thi; Yoon, Seok-Hoon;
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In this paper, we propose unmanned vehicle based tracking network (UVTN) architecture and algorithms which employ multiple autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (AUGV) to efficiently follow targets in a group. The goal of UVTN is to maximize the service coverage while tracking target nodes for monitoring or providing the network access. In order to achieve this goal, UVTN performs periodic expansion and contraction which results in optimized redistribution of AUGV's in the network. Also, enhanced algorithms such as fast contraction and longest first are also discussed to improve the performance of UVTN in terms of the average coverage ratio and traveled distance. Simulation results show that the proposed UVTN and enhanced algorithms can effectively track the moving target and provide the consistent coverage.
Unmanned Vehicles;Tracking network;
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