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A Fusion of Vehicle Sensors and Inter-Vehicle Communications for Vehicular Localizations
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A Fusion of Vehicle Sensors and Inter-Vehicle Communications for Vehicular Localizations
Bhawiyuga, Adhitya; Nguyen, Hoa-Hung; Jeong, Han-You;
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A vehicle localization technology is an essential component to support many smart-vehicle applications, e.g. collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and so on. In this paper, we present a new vehicle localization algorithm based on the fusion of the sensing estimates from the local sensors and the GPS estimates from the inter-vehicle communications. The proposed algorithm consists of the greedy location data mapping algorithm and the position refinement algorithm. The former maps a sensing estimate with a GPS estimate based on the distance between themselves, and then the latter refines the GPS estimate of the subject vehicle based on the law of large numbers. From the numerical results, we demonstrate that the accuracy of the proposed algorithm outperforms that of the existing GPS estimates by at least 30 % in the longitudinal direction and by at least 60% in the lateral direction.
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