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User Authentication Method on VANET Environment
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 Title & Authors
User Authentication Method on VANET Environment
Seo, Hwa-Jeong; Kim, Ho-Won;
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Security over VANET among vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructures has been studied. Through the research, ensuring the message authentication and confidentiality was possible. However, authentication on drivers and vehicles were not actively covered. Once, malicious user using illegal vehicle joins VANET and then generates mistaken information, other drivers' safety will be driven to crisis. For this reason, in the paper, we present a novel authentication method between drivers and vehicles and then only right vehicles and users can participate in VANET. As a result of this, drivers can enjoy their safe and comfortable trip.
사용자 인증;차량 애드혹 네트워크;공개키 암호화;공인인증서;전자 신분증;스마트 폰;
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개선된 두 참여자간 식별자 기반 인증된 키 동의 프로토콜,발렌트 토코자니;김혜정;윤은준;김현성;

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