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2N-Point FFT-Based Inter-Carrier Interference Cancellation Alamouti Coded OFDM Method for Distributed Antennas systems
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 Title & Authors
2N-Point FFT-Based Inter-Carrier Interference Cancellation Alamouti Coded OFDM Method for Distributed Antennas systems
Kim, Bong-Seok; Choi, Kwonhue;
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The proposed Alamouti coded OFDM effectively cancels Inter Carrier Interference (ICI) due to frequency offset between distributed antennas. The conventional Alamouti coded OFDM schemes to mitigate ICI utilize N-point Inverse Fast Fourier Transform/Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT/FFT) operations for OFDM modulation and demodulation processes with total N subcarriers. However, the performance degrades because ICI is also repeated in N periods due to the property of N-point IFFT/FFT operation. In order to avoid this problem, null data are used at the subcarriers with large ICI and thus, data rate decreases. The proposed scheme employs 2N-point IFFT/FFT instead of N-point IFFT/FFT in order to increase sampling rate. By increasing sampling rate, the amount of interference significantly decreases because the period of ICI also increases. The proposed scheme increases the data rate and improves the performance by reducing amount of ICI and the number of null-data. Furthermore, the gain of the performance and data rate of the proposed scheme is significant with higher modulation such as 16-Quadarature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) or 64-QAM.
Alamouti;OFDM;Frequency offset;DAS;ICI self-cancellation;
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