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Distributed BS Transmit Power Control for Utility Maximization in Small-Cell Networks
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 Title & Authors
Distributed BS Transmit Power Control for Utility Maximization in Small-Cell Networks
Lee, Changsik; Kim, Jihwan; Kwak, Jeongho; Kim, Eunkyung; Chong, Song;
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Small cells such as pico or femto cells are promising as a solution to cope with higher traffic explosion and the large number of users. However, the users within small cells are likely to suffer severe inter-cell interference (ICI) from neighboring base stations (BSs). To tackle this, several papers suggest BS transmit power on/off control algorithms which increase edge user throughput. However, these algorithms require centralized coordinator and have high computational complexity. This paper makes a contribution towards presenting fully distributed and low complex joint BS on/off control and user scheduling algorithm (FDA) by selecting on/off pattern of BSs. Throughput the extensive simulations, we verify the performance of our algorithm as follows: (i) Our FDA provides better throughput performance of cell edge users by 170% than the algorithm without the ICI management. (ii) Our FDA catches up with the performance of optimal algorithm by 88-96% in geometric average throughput and sufficiently small gap in edge user throughput.
Small-cell;Edge user;Inter-cell interference;On/Off control;Distributed;
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이종 셀룰러 망에서 계층 간 간섭완화를 위한 인지 빔형성 기법,서주열;박승영;

한국통신학회논문지, 2016. vol.41. 11, pp.1387-1401 crossref(new window)
랜덤 엑세스 스몰셀 무선망에서의 실시간 기회적 간섭정렬 기법 연구,전상운;신원용;

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