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Integrated Filter Circuits Design for Mobile Communications
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 Title & Authors
Integrated Filter Circuits Design for Mobile Communications
Lee, Kwang;
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A new frequency tuning scheme and a transconductor with a wide tuning range and low harmonic distortion is presented. This frequency tuning technique is based on the relationship between the time-constant and the elapsed times in charging a capacitor up to a certain level. Its structure is as simple as that of a conventional tuning scheme using a VCF(Voltage-Controlled Filter) and it does not need a pure sine wave but uses a CLK(Clock) pulse as a reference signal, which is easily obtained from on-chip system clocks or external X-tal oscillators. When a certain reference CLK is given, without complex capacitor arrays the pole frequency of the filter can be controlled continuously in the frequency domain. Simulation results are presented to confirm the operation of the proposed approach.
gm-c filter;transconductor;analog filter;frequency tuning;direct conversion;
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