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Equalized Net Diffusion (END) for the Preservation of Fine Structures in PDE-based Image Restoration
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 Title & Authors
Equalized Net Diffusion (END) for the Preservation of Fine Structures in PDE-based Image Restoration
Cha, Youngjoon; Kim, Seongjai;
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The article is concerned with a mathematical modeling which can improve performances of PDE-based restoration models. Most PDE-based restoration models tend to lose fine structures due to certain degrees of nonphysical dissipation. Sources of such an undesirable dissipation are analyzed for total variation-based restoration models. Based on the analysis, the so-called equalized net diffusion (END) modeling is suggested in order for PDE-based restoration models to significantly reduce nonphysical dissipation. It has been numerically verified that the END-incorporated models can preserve and recover fine structures satisfactorily, outperforming the basic models for both quality and efficiency. Various numerical examples are shown to demonstrate effectiveness of the END modeling.
Fine structures;nonphysical dissipation;total variation (TV) model;non-convex (NC) model;equalized net diffusion (END);
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