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Finger Vein Recognition based on Matching Score-Level Fusion of Gabor Features
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 Title & Authors
Finger Vein Recognition based on Matching Score-Level Fusion of Gabor Features
Lu, Yu; Yoon, Sook; Park, Dong Sun;
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Most methods for fusion-based finger vein recognition were to fuse different features or matching scores from more than one trait to improve performance. To overcome the shortcomings of "the curse of dimensionality" and additional running time in feature extraction, in this paper, we propose a finger vein recognition technology based on matching score-level fusion of a single trait. To enhance the quality of finger vein image, the contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE) method is utilized and it improves the local contrast of normalized image after ROI detection. Gabor features are then extracted from eight channels based on a bank of Gabor filters. Instead of using the features for the recognition directly, we analyze the contributions of Gabor feature from each channel and apply a weighted matching score-level fusion rule to get the final matching score, which will be used for the last recognition. Experimental results demonstrate the CLAHE method is effective to enhance the finger vein image quality and the proposed matching score-level fusion shows better recognition performance.
Biometrics;Finger vein recognition;Matching score-level fusion;Gabor filter;Contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization;
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