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Performance Enhancement of AODV Routing Protocol Using Interrupt Message in MANET
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 Title & Authors
Performance Enhancement of AODV Routing Protocol Using Interrupt Message in MANET
Lee, Yun-Kyung; Kim, Ju-Gyun;
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In MANET, AODV(Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector) has its advantages as on-demand approach but it also has a disadvantage that the control packet overhead is high compared to other routing protocols. This paper improves the problem caused by Hello messages that are broadcasted periodically to detect the local connectivity and maintain neighbor list. Periodic hello messages reduce the Packet delivery ratio and the efficiency in the limited bandwidth. And its increased Control packet overhead leads to decrease the Residual battery capacity and the Network lifetime. Further, non-reactive nature of periodic hello messages in AODV has also been the source of numerous controversies. In order to solve these problems, this paper improves the performance by using the interrupt driven approach which removes periodic hello messages and decreases the Control packet overhead. Performance comparisons between the traditional AODV and proposed mod_AODV done with network simulator QualNet 5.0 show that the mod_AODV performs better in most performance metrics under scenarios with various values of simulation parameters.
MANET;AODV routing protocol;Hello message;Interrupt;
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