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IDE-LEACH Protocol for Trust and Energy Efficient Operation of WSN Environment
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IDE-LEACH Protocol for Trust and Energy Efficient Operation of WSN Environment
Cho, Young-Bok; Woo, Seng-Hee; Lee, Sang-Ho;
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WSN consists of hundreds to thousands of sensor nodes. In order to solve the problem of energy consumption imbalance cluster head is reelected in every round, while node authentication scheme is utilized for secure communication. However, re-clustering increases the overhead of sensor nodes and during the node authentication phase the frequent AREQ/AREP message exchange also increases the overhead. Therefore, a secure and energy efficient protocol, by which overhead of sensor nodes is reduced and long time communication is achieved, is required for wireless sensor network. In this paper, an energy efficient and reliable IDE-LEACH protocol for WSN is proposed. The proposed protocol is prolongs networks lifetime about average 20% compared to the LEACH-based protocols and all attending nodes in communication form BS authentication consisted of trusted nodes.
Wireless Sensor Network;Authentication;LEACH;IDE;Energy Efficiency;Trust;
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