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The Demodulation for Bipolar Delta Driven GMSK
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 Title & Authors
The Demodulation for Bipolar Delta Driven GMSK
Bang, Seung-Cheol;
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The delta driven GMSK is a modulation scheme to generate the gaussian pulse by the bipolar delta signal and to modulate the phase function with the differential gaussian pulse between and . The demodulation of delta driven GMSK differs from conventional GMSK schemes. This paper proposed a demodulation with the differential phase detector at the end of each bit interval. A designed detector then finds the one of the possible region by hard decision, in which the phase difference lies. Finally the binary data can be recovered by state transition process. Through the BER simulation for AWGN channel, it was found that the proposed demodulation effected by the run length of binary data. The simulated BER degradation of about 2[dB] was analyzed, as compared to the theoretical coherent demodulation with =0.3.
GMSK;Delta GMSK;Phase Demodulation;BER;GLPF;
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