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System Implementation for Mobile-Based Diagnostic Medical Image Service
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 Title & Authors
System Implementation for Mobile-Based Diagnostic Medical Image Service
Kim, Yong-Soo; Jeon, Joonhyeon;
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The objective of this paper is to develop mobile-based PACS(Picture Archiving Communication System: mPACS) for diagnostic medical image service available via Android-based mobile smartphone. The proposed mPACS provides an integrated platform for mobile application of diagnostic medical images stored in hospital PACS, and allows the smartphone to store, retrieve, manipulate and transfer the diagnostic medical images. Then, the mPACS platform includes the following features for use in the Android framework (i. e., diagnostic medical image processing) : transfer protocols between PACS, mPACS and smartphone, image format converter, JPEG and JPEG2000 coders, text and avatar search, and etc. This mPACS is shown to be useful and effective in providing a solution for mobile-based diagnostic medical image service.
Mobile PACS;PACS;diagnostic system;diagnostic medical image;DICOM;
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