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Advance Reservation Framework with Protection Management for Virtual Circuit Services
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Advance Reservation Framework with Protection Management for Virtual Circuit Services
Lim, Huhnkuk; Lee, Kyungmin; Cha, Youngwook;
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The most representative research network in Korea, KREONET, has developed DynamicKL, an advance reservation based Network Service Agent (NSA) for user driven virtual circuit services. DynamicKL provides reservation, provisioning, release, termination, and inquiry web services for network resources by using an open standard network service interface (NSI), as well as web services for network resources by using a GUI interface. In addition, it has the RICE interface to support a protection management function per VC for virtual circuits and reservations. In this article, a protection management per VC for provisioned VCs and reservations is addressed in the DynamicKL framework, as a contribution to the VC protection management issue, which results in more manageable and reliable VC services compared to other advance reservation frameworks. An administrator can detect successful or unsuccessful VC protections in the event of a primary link failure and successful or unsuccessful VC retrievals after a primary link repair, by using RICE.
Advance reservation;Network Service Agent (NSA);Network Service Interface (NSI);Dynamic provisioned network resource;DynamicKL;Virtual circuit protection;Primary link;Secondary link;Link failure;
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SD-WAN 기반의 사용자 중심 가상 전용 네트워크 시스템 설계 및 구현,김용환;김동균;

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