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EMQT : A Study on Enhanced M-ary Query Tree Algorithm for Sequential Tag IDs
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 Title & Authors
EMQT : A Study on Enhanced M-ary Query Tree Algorithm for Sequential Tag IDs
Yang, Dongmin; Shin, Jongmin;
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One of the most challenging issues in radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communications (NFC) is to correctly and quickly recognize a number of tag IDs in the reader's field. Unlike the probabilistic anti-collision schemes, a query tree based protocol guarantees to identify all the tags, where the distribution of tag IDs is assumed to be uniform. However, in real implements, the prefix of tag ID is uniquely assigned by the EPCglobal and the remaining part is sequentially given by a company or manufacturer. In this paper, we propose an enhanced M-ary query tree protocol (EMQT), which effectively reduces unnecessary query-response cycles between similar tag IDs using m-bit arbitration and tag expectation. The theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the EMQT significantly outperforms other schemes in terms of identification time, identification efficiency and communications overhead.
RFID;anti-collision;query tree;aloha protocol;M-ary tree;
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RFID 시스템에서 효율적인 분리를 이용한 충돌 방지 알고리즘,김성수;윤태진;

한국컴퓨터정보학회논문지, 2013. vol.18. 11, pp.87-97 crossref(new window)
RFID 시스템에서 충돌비트 위치를 이용한 M-ary QT 알고리즘 향상에 관한 연구,김관웅;

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