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Performance Analysis of Cross-Layer Handoff Scheme in IP-Based Next-Generation Wireless Networks
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 Title & Authors
Performance Analysis of Cross-Layer Handoff Scheme in IP-Based Next-Generation Wireless Networks
Lee, JaeSuk; Jeong, Jongpil;
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The development of wireless network technology and the increasing use of wireless networks to mobile users with a variety of wireless network systems has arisen. Wireless sensor networks, they can be nested together, and the need to switch between the network, depending on your needs. Next Generation Wireless Networks(NGWN) gives the mobile user a wide coverage and optimized service etc. Previous hand off management protocol is not enough to secure support of the NGWN application program. Cross-layer Handoff(CLH) protocol technique has been developed to support between and inside networks of handoff management of NGWN. CLH supports mobility management in a wireless network environment and also utilizes mobility speed and handoff signaling delay information to improve the handoff performance ability. For the analysis of handoff performance ability, we analyzed sensitivity of link layer and network layer, therefore, CLH technique is suggested based on this analysis.
NGWN;Cross-Layer Handoff(CLH);IP-based Mobile Networks;Mobility Management;
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프록시 모바일 IPv6 네트워크에서 대역폭에 효율적인 핸드오프 기법의 설계 및 성능 분석,유승백;정종필;

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