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OTP-Based Transaction Verification Protocol Using PUFs
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OTP-Based Transaction Verification Protocol Using PUFs
Lee, Jonghoon; Park, Minho; Jung, Souhwan;
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The One-Time Password(OTP) Generator is used as a multi-factor authentication method to ensure secure transaction during e-Financial transaction in the bank and securities company. The OTP based e-Financial Transaction Verification Protocol ensures secure e-financial transaction through confirming the user's identity using OTP authentication information and counters not only Man-in-the-Browser(MITB) attacks but also memory hacking attacks. However, it is possible to generate correct OTPs due to potential of stealing sensitive information of the OTP generator through intelligent phishing, pharming, social engineering attacks. Therefore, it needs another scheme to prevent from above threats, and this paper proposes advanced scheme using Physical Unclonable Functions(PUFs) to solve these problems. First, it is impossible to generate the same OTP values because of the hysically unclonable features of PUFs. In addition, it is impossible to clone OTP generator with hardware techniques. Consequently, the proposed protocol provides stronger and more robust authentication protocol than existing one by adding PUFs in the OTP generator.
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PUF 기반의 보안 USB 인증 및 키 관리 기법,이종훈;박정수;정승욱;정수환;

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