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Receiver-Initiated Slow Start for Improving TCP Performance in Vertical Handoff
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 Title & Authors
Receiver-Initiated Slow Start for Improving TCP Performance in Vertical Handoff
Seok, Woojin; Lee, Minsun; Lee, Manhee;
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The performance of TCP depends on the degree of traffic congestion between the sender and the receiver. The traffic could increase, and this causes congestion which may cause trouble in data transfer. Then, TCP tries to eliminate the trouble by reducing the transfer speed with slowstart scheme. When a mobile node moves over heterogeneous wireless networks, TCP experiences dramatic change of the amount of traffic, and it performs slowstart. In this paper, we propose the efficient scheme of TCP slowstart that should performs after vertical handoff. In this scheme, TCP receiver forces slowstart, which is different form normal schemes. Its performance is better than the normal schemes in that TCP sender experiences traffic congestion and performs slowstart. We perform simulation to measure and to verify the improved performance.
TCP;Vertical handoff;WLAN;Cellular network;
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Yellow-Light TCP: 모바일 데이터 전송을 위한 에너지 절감형 프로토콜,최원준;;석우진;

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