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The Power of Power Law: A View from VoD Service
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The Power of Power Law: A View from VoD Service
Lee, Hoon;
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In this work we investigate the power of power law in the VoD service over IP network. Especially, we show that the power of power law is strong in the location of the contents storage for the VoD service and its impact on the link dimensioning. This work first shows the instance of the power law in the popularity of the video contents from the real data for the IPTV service. After that we propose an analytic model that characterizes the behavior of customers in accessing the video servers as well as the power law in the viewing pattern. Finally, we show the impact of the power law by proposing a model for the cost as well as link dimensioning. Via numerical experiment we show the implication of the proposition.
Internet;VoD;Power law;Link dimensioning;Cost performance;
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