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Automatic Payload Signature Generation System
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Automatic Payload Signature Generation System
Park, Cheol-Shin; Park, Jun-Sang; Kim, Myung-Sup;
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Fast and accurate signature extraction is essential to improve the performance of the payload signature-based traffic analysis methods. However the slow manual process in extracting signatures make difficult to deal with the rapidly changing application in current Internet environment. Therefore, in this paper we propose a system automatically generating signatures from ground-truth traffic data. In addition, we improve the efficiency of signature extraction by recognizing the application protocol using a protocol filters and generating signatures automatically according to the application-specific protocol contents. In order to verify the validity of the system proposed in this paper, we compared the signatures automatically generated from our system with the signatures manually created for a few popular applications.
Automated Signature Generation;Payload Signature;Signature Generation;Traffic analysis;Traffic Classification;
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