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Structural and Functional Analyses of ProGuard Obfuscation Tool
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 Title & Authors
Structural and Functional Analyses of ProGuard Obfuscation Tool
Piao, Yuxue; Jung, Jin-Hyuk; Yi, Jeong Hyun;
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Android applications can be easily decompiled owing to their structural characteristics, in which applications are developed using Java and are self-signed so that applications modified in this way can be repackaged. It will be crucial that this inherent vulnerability may be used to an increasing number of Android-based financial service applications, including banking applications. Thus, code obfuscation techniques are used as one of solutions to protect applications against their forgery. Currently, many of applications distributed on Android market are using ProGuard as an obfuscation tool. However, ProGuard takes care of only the renaming obfuscation, and using this method, the original opcodes remain unchanged. In this paper, we thoroughly analyze obfuscation mechanisms applied in ProGuard, investigate its limitations, and give some direction about its improvement.
Obfuscation;ProGuard;Android Security;
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