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Enhancing IEEE 802.11 Power Saving Mechanism (PSM) with a Time Slotted Scheme
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Enhancing IEEE 802.11 Power Saving Mechanism (PSM) with a Time Slotted Scheme
Lei, Xiaoying; Rhee, Seung Hyong;
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Power efficiency becomes more important in wireless LANs as the mobile stations send more data with limited batteries. It has been known that the IEEE 802.11 PSM is not efficient in high load networks: AP cannot deliver buffered packets to a PS station immediately and it can lead the station to stay in active state quite long and result in energy waste. Moreover, it is inefficient that only one data frame is retrieved by a PS-POLL frame. In this paper, we propose a time slotted scheme to enhance the PSM, in which a mobile station can reserve time slots to receive data frames. Our mechanism can reduce collisions by reservation and decrease the channel occupancy by transmitting multiple data frames via one PS-POLL. The analytic model and simulation results show that proposed scheme reduces power consumption significantly and enhances the performance of PSM.
Power Saving Mechanism;IEEE 802.11;Infrastructure WLANs;
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IEEE 802.11k-Measurement Pilot을 활용한 저전력 네트워크 스캐닝 알고리즘,이형규;김황남;김현순;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39C. 6, pp.482-489 crossref(new window)
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