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Noise-Robust Algorithm for PPG Signal Measurement
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 Title & Authors
Noise-Robust Algorithm for PPG Signal Measurement
Kim, Minho; Kim, Taewook; Jang, Sunghwan; Ban, Dahee; Min, Byungseok; Kwon, Sungoh;
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In this paper, we propose a methods to eliminate PPG sensor noise resulted from user motion during measurement. Measured PPG signals require approperiate signal processing methods since various types of noises such as a motion noise by user movement and signal noises occurred from the change of measuring environments. This paper suggests a signal processing method that eliminates motion noises by measuring several PPG channels that are based on the stable patterns of the practical users. The PPG signals are measured by the two channels in this experiment. When the individual error rates are 20%, the proposed algorithm reduces the errors to 9.56%.
PPG;Movement noise;Noise-robust algorithm;
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