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Design of Rough Set Theory Based Disease Monitoring System for Healthcare
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 Title & Authors
Design of Rough Set Theory Based Disease Monitoring System for Healthcare
Lee, Byung-Kwan; Jeong, Eun-Hee;
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This paper proposes the RDMS(Rough Set Theory based Disease Monitoring System) which efficiently manages diseases in Healthcare System. The RDMS is made up of DCM(Data Collection Module), RDRGM(RST based Disease Rules Generation Module), and HMM(Healthcare Monitoring Module). The DCM collects bio-metric informations from bio sensor of patient and stores it in RDMS DB according to the processing procedure of data. The RDRGM generates disease rules using the core of RST and the support of attributes. The HMM predicts a patient's disease by analyzing not only the risk quotient but also that of complications on the patient's disease by using the collected patient's information by DCM and transfers a visualized patient's information to a patient, a family doctor, etc according to a patient's risk quotient. Also the HMM predicts the patient's disease by comparing and analyzing a patient's medical information, a current patient's health condition, and a patient's family history according to the rules generated by RDRGM and can provide the Patient-Customized Medical Service and the medical information with the prediction result rapidly and reliably.
Risk quotient;Rough Set Theory;Disease Rule;Healthcare Monitoring;Healthcare System;
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