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Analysis of Anti-Jamming Techniques for Satellite Navigation Systems
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Analysis of Anti-Jamming Techniques for Satellite Navigation Systems
Kim, Ki-Yun;
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GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) is now being widely used in both civilian and military applications where accurate positioning and timing information are required and it is considered as a representative convergence technique in IT-Military application techniques. However, GNSS has low sensitivity level of GNSS receivers and is vulnerable to jamming signal, since the signals come from the satellite located at approximately 20,000 Km above the earth. The studies for the anti-jamming techniques in military applications have been passively performed in the domestic, because the information related GNSS are dependent on the countries that have GNSS. In this paper, we show the effect of jammer ERP by analyzing the link budget of GPS J/S power as a function of distance between jammer and receiver. Also, we categorize the anti-jamming techniques based on the functional block diagram of GNSS receiver structure and analyze the recent anti-jamming GNSS products and their technologies developed in domestic and foreign countries.
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