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Task Parallelism System of Application for Multicore-Based Mobile Platform
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 Title & Authors
Task Parallelism System of Application for Multicore-Based Mobile Platform
Lim, Geunsik; Lee, Seho; Eom, Young Ik;
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This paper proposes a task parallelism system (BioMP) to improve applications' execution time of multicore based mobile device. When application developers append the functions of parallel specification into the existing software, our proposed system supports the parallel processing of threads as well as a compatibility. BioMP improves the software in order that an existing large-scale source can recognize the multicore architecture. From our experiment, our idea improved the execution time of application until about 64% against the existing system in multicore environment based on quad core. In addition, BioMP does not require any additional modification of a mobile platform because BioMP is independent component. Consequently, when application developers release multicore-aware applications into the application store, users can immediately run without any modification of the mobile device.
Multicore;Mobile platform;Android;OpenMP;Parallel programming;Task parallelism;
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