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Adaptive Quantization Scheme for Multi-Level Cell NAND Flash Memory
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Adaptive Quantization Scheme for Multi-Level Cell NAND Flash Memory
Lee, Dong-Hwan; Sung, Wonyong;
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An adaptive non-uniform quantization scheme is proposed for soft-decision error correction in NAND flash memory. Even though the conventional maximizing mutual information (MMI) quantizer shows the optimal post-FEC (forward error correction) bit error rate (BER) performance, this quantization scheme demands heavy computational overheads due to the exhaustive search to find the optimal parameter values. The proposed quantization scheme has a simple structure that is constructed by only six parameters, and the optimal values of them are found by maximizing the mutual information between the input and the output symbols. It is demonstrated that the proposed quantization scheme improves the BER performance of soft-decision decoding with only small computational overheads.
NAND flash memory;Quantizer;Maximum mutual information (MMI);Error correcting code (ECC);
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멀티 레벨 낸드 플래시 메모리용 연판정 복호를 수행하는 이진 ECC 설계를 위한 EM 알고리즘,김성래;신동준;

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멀티채널과 멀티웨이 구조의 NAND 플래시 SSD를 위한 효율적인 웨어레벨링 알고리듬,김동호;황선영;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39B. 7, pp.425-432 crossref(new window)
On the Characteristics of MSE-Optimal Symmetric Scalar Quantizers for the Generalized Gamma, Bucklew-Gallagher, and Hui-Neuhoff Sources,이재건;나상신;

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