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Performance Analysis and Design of a Carrier-Based Visible Light Communication Circuit for LED IT Service
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 Title & Authors
Performance Analysis and Design of a Carrier-Based Visible Light Communication Circuit for LED IT Service
Lee, Yong Up; Kang, Yeongsik;
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In this paper, the visible light communication (VLC) techniques based on the carrier modulation are considered in order to realize the VLC application service that has the functions of the high speed optical sensing and the wide range reception from VLC transmitter. The VLC hardware circuits based on the 32.768 kHz low frequency carrier and 4 MHz high frequency carrier are designed and implemented respectively, and the signal waveform generated from the implemented circuits are observed. In addition, various performance experiments are done with the prototypes.
LED IT;Visible Light Communication;Carrier Modulation;Circuit Design;Implementation;Performance Analysis;
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스테레오 이미지 센서와 LED 조명을 이용한 실내 측위,문명근;최수일;

한국통신학회논문지, 2014. vol.39B. 11, pp.755-762 crossref(new window)
거리 보상 기능이 내장된 가시광 통신 회로 설계와 구현,박정욱;이용업;

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