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Non-Contact Vital Signal Sensor Based on Impedance Variation of Resonator
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Non-Contact Vital Signal Sensor Based on Impedance Variation of Resonator
Kim, Kee-Yun; Kim, Sang-Gyu; Hong, Yunseog; Yook, Jong-Gwan;
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In this paper, a vital signal sensor based on impedance variation of resonator is presented. Proposed vital signal sensor can detect the vital signal, such as respiration and heart-beat signal. System is composed of resonator, oscillator, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter, and power detector. The cyclical movement of a dielectric such as a human body, causes the impedance variation of resonator within the near-field range. So oscillator's oscillation frequency variation is effected on resonator's resonant frequency. SAW filter's skirt characteristic of frequency response can be transformed a small amount of frequency deviation to a large variation. Aim to enhance the existing sensor detection range, proposed sensor operates in 870 MHz ISM band, and detect respiration and heart-beat signal at distance of 120 mm.
Oscillator;Planar resonator;RF power detector;SAW filter;
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발진기의 2채배 고조파 주파수 천이를 이용한 생체신호 측정센서,구기영;홍윤석;이희조;윤기호;육종관;김강욱;

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